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Our History

A.M.Aitken (19XX - 1954)

The current taxation business has its roots in a business started by Geoff's father - Alexander Morgan Aitken. Alec started the business, provided a great service and developed many loyal clients over the years.

Alec's business was primarily run out of his "home office" at 14 Dundas Road Inglewood, then later at 914 Beaufort Street (part of the old Inglewood Branch of the Commonwealth Bank). He was supported by his wife Rose who, of course, also had to look after their two sons - Geoffrey Ernest and Kenneth William.

A.M. and G.E. Aitken (1955 - 1966)

When Geoff finished his education (and afte a brief stint working for C.P.Bird and doing National Service) he started to work with his father in the taxation business. Alec continued working with Geoff until he became ill and passed away in 1971. The company banner "A.M.Aitken & Co." was passed on to Geoff's son Ashley Morgan, who has the same initials as Alec.

Geoff Aitken and Company based at 914 Beaufort Street (1967 - 1978)

Geoff set up office on the corner of Beaufort Street and 11th Avenue, Inglewood (just down the road from the present location). The office was right next door (in fact, a part of) the Commonwealth Bank branch that previously was open in Inglewood.

Geoff employed a number of staff during this stage of the business. Even at this stage, Geoff was already starting to invest in high technology. He added a number of "state-of-the-art hand-operated" calculating machines to the office equipment.

During this stage of the business all of the typing and administration work was performed by Geoff's wife Mary. Like Geoff, Mary often worked late into the night typing returns, machining and completing work for clients.




Geoff Aitken and Company moving to the Current Location (1976 -

With the passing of his father and the subsequent ill-health of his mother, and the expansion of his business, Geoff eventually moved from the small office on Beaufort Street to make his parent's home into an office.

This allowed the business to grow substantially. Geoff employed a number of additional staff at this stage and the client list grew as well. Geoff also updated his office automation equipment with one of the first personal computing machines ever made by Canon (which has been retained for its historic value).

At this stage, Geoff also employed the first full-time assistant. Mary continued to work in the busienss full-timne with constant liason with the STO by motor vehicle (as electronic communication was still unknown then). She also worked as "courier" for the business, delivery and picking up returns and other material from the ATO and other locations.

Geoff eventually replaced the Canon computing machine with a personal computer running Unix (Xenix) and HandiTax and terminals for all staff. Today, his office runs Windows machines installed and maintained by Fabio Suffell from "Intelligent Products."

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